2014 – September – Independence Time

I don’t normally do street photography.

Although there is nothing illegal in the UK about it, it just makes me feel a bit uneasy about taking photos of people that

  • may not be aware they are having their photos taken
  • could be in a moment of personal distress / or what ever the opposite of distress is
  • could be skivving from work and their boss happens to see their image on my website
  • just plain don’t want their photos taken

Now, street entertainers and politicians are a different matter and completely fair game.

Simon and I had gone in to Perth (following the Gannet) and  we came across a load of “Yes” and “No” supporters and local politicos. Not being ones to stand out – and refuse free stuff – we both adorned ourselves with “Yes” stickers and a Saltire … and “No” stickers and a Union Flag.
Of course, the Saltire went on the “No” sticker side and the Union Flag went on the “Yes” sticker side.
Panic and pandemonium ensued as neither side could make out which way we were going to vote.



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