2015 – May – UrbEx

I don’t do a lot of Urban Exploration (Urbex) but when I do, I like to find the crappiest, wettest, rainiest day possible …

Simon and I went exploring and came across this place and we had a good look around it. There are plenty of rooms within the complex, but not all of them are interesting or big enough to photograph. Some of them are just too bloody dangerous.

All images are shot using the available light and at ISO2000 and f4. Shutter speeds vary between .50 and .20 seconds and all were hand-held. [Image stabilisation certainly seems to be better on the Canon than the Sony’s that I’m used to]

It wasn’t the best of conditions to shoot this place in; it was raining and the available light was a tad flat … but as we were there, it would have been rude not to have done so.

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