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2014 – September – Dunaskin

Ok … lets get this out of the way.
Dunaskin is a place.
Its not me trying to be clever, you know, in a kind of ‘Dunroaming’ kind of way.

There is a private railway society that operates there, and Simon and I being Simon and I, we went when they weren’t there … and had a bloody good day.

All of the photos were taken on a private railway line that was not in use at the time. It is an offence in the UK to trespass on the Railway, and I do not encourage anyone to take photos on an active railway line. They are bloody dangerous places, and trains are surprisingly quiet when they are coming towards you.

2014 – September – Gannet XG882

The Gannet

Built in 1956, XG882 served at RNAS Culdrose with the station flight from 1959 and then 849 NAS for several years before being upgraded and returning to service in 1966 at RNAS Lossiemouth (still with 849 NAS). She was retired in 1976 and used as a fire practice airframe, but brought back from the dead in 1982 by being combined with bits of XA463 and XG889 to produce a complete example.

This fine and magnificent aircraft is left rotting in a field in Perthshire.

2014 – June – Freeport

Freeport is an old abandoned shopping centre [previous thread]; Simon and I, ever curious went for another wander.
There’s something sad about a shopping centre that isn’t any more, although it’s refreshing that pretty much all the windows are still intact and there is surprisingly very little graffiti.

There is security on the site, and they do know you are there. The security cameras you can see are live – and so are the ones that you can’t see. Let’s be respectful of the site … 😉


2013 – June – Bleeding Rose

Bleeding Rose and I worked in a deserted cove about 20 mins from here.

We shot fashion, with a mix of standard lens and LensBaby Edge 80

2013 – June – Down in the Woods

“If you go down in the woods today ” …
You’ld better be careful as the tribe are out and about.

I’d took delivery of my new Edge 80 optic for the LensBaby and wanted to try it out.

Enter some eager volunteers