September 2015 – Kat Folan

Simon and I decided that we would travel North for a change.

A casting was produced, and from the respondents, the wonderful Kat Folan was chosen.
This was primarily a research and testing mission, and as Simon and I have very little knowledge of “The North”, Kat was our guide.

Our favourite spot was the fantastic Slains Castle, somewhere north of Aberdeen.

2015 – April – Becky

I wanted to tryout my homemade beauty-dish prior to a shoot I have next month.

Becky, my beautiful eldest daughter volunteered – ok, was press ganged – in to coming out and standing in front of the lens.

2015 – March …. Canon Time!

So, I’ve got my new Canon and I thought I’d try it out.
Kinda silly not to really.

Reacher was playing with his toy … a difficult grab shot as I’ve got one end of the toy in his hand, and trying to keep enough distance for the minimum focus length


Iain was sitting having a cuddle with his mum … couldn’t resist this



2015 February – re-discovering and NSFW

I cant help revisiting this shoot with Chrissy last year.
Every shoot with Chrissy is an enjoyable and productive experience.

There’s still plenty more to give from this shoot, and I’m slowly working my way through it.

Follow Me
Follow Me
Wind farm
I was going to call this “Scottish Sunbathing”, but as its not raining, I don’t think I can
Remembering Heather
Remembering Heather


This is also the first time I’ve used my old, re-vamped desktop to edit (and the first time I’ve been able to use Silver Efex as it won’t run on my laptop. Must need RAM on then graphics card or something); more than happy with the hardware, jury is out on the software.


2014 – October – Chrissie Red

October saw another shoot with the totally fantastic Chrissie Red deep in the autumnal depths of Perthshire.

We shot on a hill side

We shot in a wood

Chrissie got a bit wet posing in the river (and at that time of year it would have been cold)

I got some bloody fantastic shots


2014 – May – Darling – NSFW

Darling came up to visit from Manchester.
Ok, lets not over inflate my importance here; Darling, a model from Manchester was on a tour of Scotland, and Simon and I took advantage of this and booked her for a day.

We went to an old house – you’ll have seen the ruins before [Link to Previous Art Nude Set at this location], shot some images and then went off somewhere else for the stable block images.
It was a great day, and I would happily recommend Darling to anyone.

2014 – April – Roswell Ivory

Simon and I worked with the beautiful and talented Roswell Ivory when she was on tour in Scotland.
We started in an old deserted ruin. When I say deserted … if you didn’t include the family that suddenly descended mid-shoot and hung around for at least half an hour … and then the dog walkers …
It’s a miracle we got anything done.
We ended up in Edinburgh for a bit of light painting


2014 – January – Amber Skyline

This is the first time I’ve worked with the totally lovely Amber Skyline.
This was studio work, and outside of my normal comfort zone as I much prefer location to studio, and it was mainly to get some studio time in.