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Out with the OLD

In August 2018, I was forced to retire my Raleigh Revino road bike

So Summer, as she was called, has been replaced …

The new bike is a Cinelli Semper road bike, and I’m yet to come up with a name.

2014-July – Cash Stop!

Went out for a walk with Reacher and Simon, just to grab some shots of the dog running around and having a bit of fun.
It’s quite difficult shooting Reacher, as he’s bloody fast chasing his ball. I wish I’d used a slightly slower shutter speed to pan more of the background out of focus …
This is one of the few shots that I’m happy with …


Sunset and Moonlight

Let’s start with the sunset:
This was shot from my boy’s bedroom.
I’m not lucky enough to live somewhere near a beach or a stunning mountain range or a fantastic city scape, I just have to avoid the neighbour thinking I’m some kind of peeping Tom.


Now the Moonlight

This is Barness Lighthouse shot in the moonlight, with a little help on the foreground grass.
We didn’t know at the time but there was an HAM radio contest on and the beam aerials (next to the lighthouse) were everywhere. There was also a 2meter band wire between the mast you see and the mast immediately to camera rear. I know that because I nearly walked in to the pickup wire

Running Water

Reservoir in West Lothian over-flowing to the down stream.
According to its sign, this is the run off from one of the main reservoirs that provide Edinburgh with its drinking water.
Equally according to its sign, the reservoir is teaming with natural fauna and flora; of which fauna wise, we were up one Land Rover and fisherman and down anything interesting.

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