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2015 – November – Rachelle Summers – NSFW

I’d been trying to get to shoot with Rachelle for quite a while and dates never seemed to gel.
Eventually, they did, and we spent a happy 4 hours wondering around West Lothian getting  soaking wet as the liquid version of sunshine was pouring from the skies.
Undeterred, Rachelle cracked on with it, worked her socks off to give me some great images.

2015 February – re-discovering and NSFW

I cant help revisiting this shoot with Chrissy last year.
Every shoot with Chrissy is an enjoyable and productive experience.

There’s still plenty more to give from this shoot, and I’m slowly working my way through it.

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Wind farm
I was going to call this “Scottish Sunbathing”, but as its not raining, I don’t think I can
Remembering Heather
Remembering Heather


This is also the first time I’ve used my old, re-vamped desktop to edit (and the first time I’ve been able to use Silver Efex as it won’t run on my laptop. Must need RAM on then graphics card or something); more than happy with the hardware, jury is out on the software.


2014 – October – Chrissie Red

October saw another shoot with the totally fantastic Chrissie Red deep in the autumnal depths of Perthshire.

We shot on a hill side

We shot in a wood

Chrissie got a bit wet posing in the river (and at that time of year it would have been cold)

I got some bloody fantastic shots


2014 – May – Darling – NSFW

Darling came up to visit from Manchester.
Ok, lets not over inflate my importance here; Darling, a model from Manchester was on a tour of Scotland, and Simon and I took advantage of this and booked her for a day.

We went to an old house – you’ll have seen the ruins before [Link to Previous Art Nude Set at this location], shot some images and then went off somewhere else for the stable block images.
It was a great day, and I would happily recommend Darling to anyone.

2014 – April – Roswell Ivory

Simon and I worked with the beautiful and talented Roswell Ivory when she was on tour in Scotland.
We started in an old deserted ruin. When I say deserted … if you didn’t include the family that suddenly descended mid-shoot and hung around for at least half an hour … and then the dog walkers …
It’s a miracle we got anything done.
We ended up in Edinburgh for a bit of light painting


2013 – June – Bleeding Rose

Bleeding Rose and I worked in a deserted cove about 20 mins from here.

We shot fashion, with a mix of standard lens and LensBaby Edge 80

2013 February – Chrissie Red

February saw Simon and I out and about in Perth and Kinross.

I’ve shot with Chrissie Red (blog: http://www.chrissiered.blogspot.com) twice before and I think I picked probably the best day so far this year to shoot with Chrissie again.

As Simon and I left West Lothian, the heavens opened and snow fell. Not good.
Luckily as we drove the 20 or so miles across the Forth Road Bridge [(c) Simon Pole] and in to Fife, things started to look up. The clouds were thinning and the sky was showing patches of blue.

In the hour it took to get to Chrissie’s flat, there was no trace of snow, or black clouds; in fact if it wasn’t for the nip in the air, it could have been a summers day …

Cup of tea and a chat latter, we were on route to Dunkeld to start in our shoot zone … I’d been to some places around there  and shot landscape and I wanted to revisit them and shoot them with a model.

So we are on our way to the shoot zone and we pass this old abandoned farmhouse; quick zen navigation logic application later, we’re exploring this beautiful old farm house and out buildings

Chrissie Red


C Chrissie Red C Chrissie Red Chrissie Red


After the farmer came and had a chat about what we were doing there we left for the next stop (and about 5 miles down the road I was wishing I’d got his contact number so we could call him to use the place again).

This was a peaceful little bit of river, well, rapids.

I had shot there previously and felt that although it was a cracking location, it lacked a certain je nais se quoir – and of course that certain something was Chrissie.

Chrissie Red Chrissie Red

On wards in the never ending pursuit of photographic happiness.

I had stayed in a holiday cottage near here and we went for a walk to the ruined hunting lodge. This was too unsafe to shoot in, and the alternative shoot in the old stable block also turned in to a bust  as it appeared the Estate was re-using the building as a workshop and storage area.
Not wishing to cause problems, we headed back to the car.

Standing at the tailgate, drinking green tea and the view …

Chrissie Redthe light was fading fast …

Chrissie Red But  not fast enough.

The last location was going to be a bust as it was over an hours drive so I decided to go down the lane a bit further on to the lochside.

One eye on the road and one on the big patch of cloud that was threatening to obscure the sun and thus the last of the shooting light, the race to defy physics was on …

Chrissie Red Chrissie RedI think we made it …


Thanks to Chrissie for the great day and for your patience; to Rory for keeping a look out and showing us the sexy new shutter sound, and of course to Simon who without his patience and guidance I would still be fudging it.