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January 2013 – Brea Morigane – The Legend of the Selkie

Brea contacted me with an idea for a storyboard revolving around the Scottish Legend of the Selkie Men.
These images were shot on Saltcoats beach  on the 12th January and it was bitterly cold.

Images by myself, words by Brea:

There is a legend in Scottish folklore of the Selkie men. Seals in the sea, men on land, this is one of the most romantic and enduring tales of Scottish mythology.

This legend has been told from the Orkney Islands down through the Highlands and Ireland, Wales, and even Iceland.

The Selkie men often came to shore on their own, but legend also says that a woman disappointed in love could weep seven tears into the sea to call a Selkie lover.

The Selkie would shed his sealskin on the beach, in human form on land.

Selkie men were described as pale and dark-haired, with large, dark eyes resembling those of the seal. Some theories state that these may have been vague memories of the Armada’s early invasion of Ireland. All legends say that the Selkie men were handsome and charming. — with Alasdair Reavey.


The Selkie man would visit the woman, and love her, as was a Selkie’s purpose.

Here, the story branches into three different endings.

If the woman took his sealskin, it would bind the Selkie to her – and to the land. However, because of her duplicity, one day he would find the skin again, return to the sea, and break her heart.

Sometimes, the Selkie only visited for a short time, and returned to the sea. The human woman would give birth to a child some time later. After the child was born, the Selkie would return, pay her the nursing fee, and then take the child to the sea to learn the ways of the seal-folk, as is detailed in the ancient ballad ‘The Great Selkie of Sule Skerry’.

Many Selkie stories have tragic endings, but not all.

If the Selkie man fell in love with the human woman…


…he would take her to the sea, to the seal-kingdom, where they would be together always.



Recreation of the Selkie Legend

Photography: Stuart Hyland – http://www.facebook.com/stuart.hyland.7
Creative Director and Model: Brea Morgiane – http://www.facebook.com/brea.morgiane
Male Model: Alasdair Reavey
Make Up Artist: Elaine Meyer-Turner – http://www.facebook.com/emeyerturner
Lighting: Simon Pole – http://www.facebook.com/SPPSBL


Download the legend as a show here: The Legend of the Selkie