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September 2015 – Kat Folan

Simon and I decided that we would travel North for a change.

A casting was produced, and from the respondents, the wonderful Kat Folan was chosen.
This was primarily a research and testing mission, and as Simon and I have very little knowledge of “The North”, Kat was our guide.

Our favourite spot was the fantastic Slains Castle, somewhere north of Aberdeen.

2015 – June – The Craig and Niddry Castle

Simon and I went up Binney Craig.
I’ve lived here for about 10 years and I’ve never been there before – in fact, I didn’t even know how to get there.

For those not in the area, it’s a volcanic outcrop and local legend has it being one of the four rocky tumescence formed when the Edinburgh volcano erupted. These outcrops are supposed to follow (roughly) the points of the compass.

Doing what we do so you don't have to
Doing what we do so you don’t have to
Binney Craig
Binney Craig 

Niddry Castle is a private dwelling in West Lothian. It’s spent most of the time that I’ve been here under scaffolding during it’s refurbishment.

We’d left the Craig and was just looking for something else to do (we can be so good at planning) and stumbled across the castle.
This is shot just after sundown and has no additional illumination

Evening Castle
Evening Castle

November 2012 – Wick

November saw a trip to the North … Wick.

Simon and I were invited to the north of Scotland by a new but very talented photographer, Val Beales Chalmers.
So we shoved the caravan on the back of my car and off we went (with a trumpety trump), doing the 300-odd miles in about 6 hours and passing through some of the best scenery you could ever wish for.
Thankfully, Val’s driveway was bigger than the street she lived on, so getting the 24ft monster off of the road was a doddle (after shuffling a couple of cars about).
Caravan duly parked and refreshments consumed, exploring we went with a view for some serious meteor activity (Leonid was supposed to be at it zenith), with some Northern Lights and light painting thrown in for good measure.

We got two out of the three; the meteor shower didn’t, but we still got some great shots, and met some fantastic people.

We’ll be going back at some point …

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8th July 2012: Gemma Chan

Simon and I had met Gemma at a monthly networking event and had arranged to meet up for a shoot sometime.

I had happen to stumble across this castle while exploring a different location for a shoot. OK, stumble is the wring world; its been there for a couple of hundred years and other people are aware of it. So much in fact, they charge to get in …

This castle had class and respect written all other it (other graffiti had been washed off) and Gemma was the ideal model for the shoot.

As a first shoot together, I think it went very well, but still, don’t take my word for it.

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