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2015 – May – At the Church

Simon and I went out for a couple of hours to a few churches in the area. Unfortunately, all bar one of them were locked.

It did however give me a chance to shoot a few images with a view to testing the new merge to HDR feature in Lightroom …

Abercorn Church
Abercorn Church

This is a HDR image made up of several individual frames shot at different settings and merged together as a HDR image. The different settings allow for an underexposed, a perfectly exposed and an overexposed images (or however you want to do it) to be merged and so the resultant image features the best of each individual frame

2015 – April: night time

I thought that I would take the Canon out for a spin; I also wanted to see how the Sony to Canon adapter worked in the darkness.

Neither of us we particularly healthy, so we just stayed local – Abercorn.

Abercorn is a beautiful little hamlet, boarding the grounds of Hopetoun House, and has access to the Firth of Forth.

It’s also a great place, with a long enough lens, to shoot the bridge construction

North Bridge Pier
North Bridge Pier

We then went back to the church and did some more traditional night stuff …


Abercorn Church
Abercorn Church

There was a really bright full moon, and this was the only light source for the above image

2013 – April – Lincolnshire

April saw me away for a couple of days with work, and as always I saw this an an opportunity to shoot people and places that I would not normally shoot.

I had a couple of nights in Lincoln, and arranged to shoot a lad called Mike Pacey. Mike is a dancer by living, but wanted some conventional modelling shots, so it’s of to the grounds of Lincoln Cathedral for some fashion shots.


On the way back from shooting Mike, I happened to pass this place. For some reason, I always have my 210 lumen CREE torch with me in my bag …

Misty Moonlight