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2014 – August – 2

Another pond, another orb … Simon is getting pretty good at these.

This was a test run of a new wirewool rig and it works pretty damn well.
I’m not going to go in to what we’re now using, but it’s pretty damn robust and can take a greater quantity of wool, allows for greater airflow through the wool, and as it’s heavier, you can build up greater speed.
Greater speed = further spark travel



Still in August …. and another pond.
Three ponds in one month. Anyone would think I like them.
This is the Dedridge Pond Dragonfly Sculpture and I thought I’d try out the new spinning rig on my own

20140909_Dedrigde Pond-5-1

Now, this didn’t work the way I wanted it to … I wanted the sparks to bounce along the sculpture (I gave myself a massive blister doing this from the spinning line. Wuss that I am), and accent the line of the tail.
This didn’t happen, despite using several grades of wool, and several images later I gave up on that idea and settled for the below shot, which to me looks like golden rain.

20140909_Dedrigde Pond-8-1

But you can make your own mind up


This is what the Dragonfly normally looks like (well, in a long exposure on a windy day)

Dedridge Dragonfly
Dedridge Dragonfly

2014 – August

August saw a bit of fire spinning down one of the local ponds (I have two within a 5 minute walk from where I live).
I’d had this idea about this pond, especially liking the leading line that the bollards produce. (I’m sure that they are supposed to be stepping stones … for the really brave!)
Simon went down that end, ball of wire wool and spinner in hand; I stayed up this end with the camera.
Did I mention that this is in the middle of a housing estate in full view of a busy major road?
Well, it is …


Needless to say, no one gave a hoot what we were doing …

2013 – September – Lindisfarne

Simon and I went to the beautiful Holy Island of Lindisfarne, a small island of the coast of Northumberland near Berwick Upon Tweed.
It is an island of great natural beauty and sandy beaches, and is linked to the mainland by a causeway that is flooded at high tide …
Lindisfarne has a special place in Christianity in the United Kingdom … more on that can be found here