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2015 February – re-discovering and NSFW

I cant help revisiting this shoot with Chrissy last year.
Every shoot with Chrissy is an enjoyable and productive experience.

There’s still plenty more to give from this shoot, and I’m slowly working my way through it.

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Wind farm
I was going to call this “Scottish Sunbathing”, but as its not raining, I don’t think I can
Remembering Heather
Remembering Heather


This is also the first time I’ve used my old, re-vamped desktop to edit (and the first time I’ve been able to use Silver Efex as it won’t run on my laptop. Must need RAM on then graphics card or something); more than happy with the hardware, jury is out on the software.


2014 – October – Chrissie Red

October saw another shoot with the totally fantastic Chrissie Red deep in the autumnal depths of Perthshire.

We shot on a hill side

We shot in a wood

Chrissie got a bit wet posing in the river (and at that time of year it would have been cold)

I got some bloody fantastic shots


2014 – September – Independence Time

I don’t normally do street photography.

Although there is nothing illegal in the UK about it, it just makes me feel a bit uneasy about taking photos of people that

  • may not be aware they are having their photos taken
  • could be in a moment of personal distress / or what ever the opposite of distress is
  • could be skivving from work and their boss happens to see their image on my website
  • just plain don’t want their photos taken

Now, street entertainers and politicians are a different matter and completely fair game.

Simon and I had gone in to Perth (following the Gannet) and  we came across a load of “Yes” and “No” supporters and local politicos. Not being ones to stand out – and refuse free stuff – we both adorned ourselves with “Yes” stickers and a Saltire … and “No” stickers and a Union Flag.
Of course, the Saltire went on the “No” sticker side and the Union Flag went on the “Yes” sticker side.
Panic and pandemonium ensued as neither side could make out which way we were going to vote.



2014 – September – Gannet XG882

The Gannet

Built in 1956, XG882 served at RNAS Culdrose with the station flight from 1959 and then 849 NAS for several years before being upgraded and returning to service in 1966 at RNAS Lossiemouth (still with 849 NAS). She was retired in 1976 and used as a fire practice airframe, but brought back from the dead in 1982 by being combined with bits of XA463 and XG889 to produce a complete example.

This fine and magnificent aircraft is left rotting in a field in Perthshire.

2013 – May – Keri Guthrie

I shot Keri in Perthshire on a typical blustery May day; it was a tad windy, but at least the sun kept breaking through.

I found out that we couldn’t shoot where I wanted to, apparently, the local land owner likes the spirit of Right to Roam, that’s when it applies to  other landowners and not himself.
So rather than take the chance, we went for a walk along and found this little tributary feeding in to the river.

It looked like a nice place then and hopefully I’ve managed to retain that