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September 2015 – Kat Folan

Simon and I decided that we would travel North for a change.

A casting was produced, and from the respondents, the wonderful Kat Folan was chosen.
This was primarily a research and testing mission, and as Simon and I have very little knowledge of “The North”, Kat was our guide.

Our favourite spot was the fantastic Slains Castle, somewhere north of Aberdeen.

2015 – August – The Devils Pulpit

I’d seen photos of a gorge near Loch Lomond called The Devils Pulpit and decided I wanted to go and have a look at it.

Simon, Linda and I jumped in the car and headed off to the deepest darkest depths of Finnich Glen near Drymen.

When we got there, there was a couple walking around and looking lost. The bag gave the chap away as either a fisherman, or photographer; the presence of the female made the fisherman unlikely so that left photographer. It turned out that they were from Spain originally, but were living in Winchburgh (just around the corner from here) as they found the Spanish climate disagreeable. So they moved to Scotland ….

Anyway, the 5 of us strolled around for a bit, and eventually found the gorge – you’ld be surprised at how cunningly disguised a 100 odd foot hole in the ground can be – but couldn’t work out how to get down to the bottom.

Help arrived in the form of a returning group, who rather nicely gave us (correct) directions

There are some pretty steep and worn steps leading down to the central chamber, so be careful if you go. I didn’t shoot these as I wanted to get something different than most of the shots I’d seen, so off came the boots and on went the waders …

2015 – January – Facebook Landscape Challenge

Floating around the photographer community on Facebook is the Landscape challenge – this is where you have to post a different Scottish Landscape image over three days

Chrissie in Perth
Landscape Challenge – Image 1: Chrissie in Perth
Race ya
Landscape Challenge – Image 2: Race Ya. Beach just outside Nairn
Landscape Challenge - 3
Landscape Challenge – Image 3: The Croft Disused Croft, Staffin, Isle of Skye





2013 – April – Shotts Kirk

Simon and I went over to Shotts Kirk one night.

This little kirk is on the side of the M8 and is normally light by sodium arc lights at night time, so nowt like a challenge.

We got there way too early for the dusk, but with plenty of time for a walk around and a plan of what we were going to do.

That done, off we popped for a stroll, just to kill some time, but also because you never know what you are going to find that could be interesting photographically.
(On this occasion, nothing. But if we hadn’t looked, then we’d have missed an opportunity.)

So we got back to the kirk and waited …

Angel ... ?I shot this grave statue, while Simon shot an old gave stone.

Eventually, I got dizzy from running around with multi-coloured torches and Simon had got the shots he wanted.

A strange presence could be felt, and motions noted in the corner of our eyes; gone as soon as looked at.
I had enough of being messed around, so I set up my camera facing the East wall of the kirk and left the shutter open …

The Graveyard