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2013 – June – Down in the Woods

“If you go down in the woods today ” …
You’ld better be careful as the tribe are out and about.

I’d took delivery of my new Edge 80 optic for the LensBaby and wanted to try it out.

Enter some eager volunteers


At the Judo, May 2012

Three out of the four of my brood belong to Jidel Judo, and all of them took part in the mix and match competition in May.

The idea of the mix and match is to let the children fight against opponents that they would not normally be able to spar with; this has the effect of motivating the children beyond normal spar nights in to improving and honing their skills.

This mix and match has been made even more especial as it is Iain’s first competition – he’s only four and has been sparring for 2 months.

These are some of the many shots taken during their matches.

[nggallery id=15]


The shots have all be taken at f1.8, ISO 200 and between 1/100th second to 1/50th of a second. The only post processing has been to adjust the white balance.